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This is my grandpa's farm I don't know exactly the year he got it it was around the year 1957 but I was born in 1985 my grandpa built those two long buildings they were chicken houses I grew up in that farmhouse and I am actually currently living in the small side of the farmhouse and there's some missing trees now it's missing The Red shed that wasn't built yet and a silo behind the barn is missing wasn't built yet. It doesn't show it in the picture but if you come out that driveway towards the main road in 1986 my grandparents build a house up in the woods on the hill and they actually live there now. other than that not much has changed my grandfather's still currently owns the property.

This farm sits off of hunterstown road Gettysburg PA

Hi Rebecca,
Do you have a memory of your grandfather and you, you would like to share from the property?

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