This property was part of the Umbaugh farm. Mr. Umbaugh designated a 7 acre tract to his daughter, Ms. Templeton, whom sold the land to Mr. Anthony in the early 1960s, who would live here until his passing. Mr. Anthony designated two tracts for his children, and eventually signed over most of the land to his son. I purchased this house in 2022. The structure on the right of the frame was demolished some time around 2015, I believe. The house was reportedly built in 1884.

Hi Cody,
Thank you for the history on this property! What are your plans for the property in the future?

I'm hoping to keep the original structure as unmolested as possible. There are three additions I'm hoping to renovate to be a little more functional for me. I'm designating one small room to be as 1884 as I can make it.

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