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Centerville Pharmacy & Rosefield Grocery Story - now is the site of CVC in Richeyville, PA

Always shopped there with mom and dad when we were young. The store is gone now and the CVS pharmacy is there but much larger.

Use to go with my Mom and shop and use to use the pharmacy also. I use to know a few people who worked in both

My Father owned Rosefield. He sold it in the early 80's when his eyesight started to decline, but he and Mom are still well and living in Florida. This brings back lots of memories! It was a skating rink before this.

I worked for Alvin Greenfield at this store for almost four years until I graduated from high school in 1968. Alvin was a great boss

Grew up on Fishpot Road down the hill from Rosefield’s. Great memories.

Does anyone have a picture of Rosefield beach. I’ve been trying to find one for awhile with no luck but would love to have one. Thank You!!!

Wish I had a photo of Rosefield beach too. My father was a life guard there in the 30's. He swam with Johnny Weissmuller when he made an appearance there.

Where was there a beach?

I understand beach is somewhere across the road from the laundry mat.

There pics of Richeyville's swimming pool in the Richeyville friends and family site on Facebook

That’s correct. Across route 40 directly opposite the Laundrymat. There is a ravine that runs down the hill to what we called 3 ponds in the 60s. Could not even recognize a swimming pool then. Just shallow small depressioned filled with water. Have no idea if there are any remnants of those ponds there today.

Update - the remnents ARE still there. You can clearly see the location of the "3 ponds" (OKA Rosefield Beach) on Google maps.

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