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4-OLA-1 (Lancaster, 1993)
Mount Tabor Church?
38-HOC-1 (Oconee, 1985)
What we all called “Claytons” because mr Clayton operated this store and I remember walking from the house through... more »
37-HOC-32 (Oconee, 1985)
Another look at Fair Play Presbyterian
37-HOC-31 (Oconee, 1985)
This is Beaverdam Baptist Church. This is the church where I accepted Christ as my savior and our home sat behind... more »
37-HOC-30 (Oconee, 1985)
Fair Play Presbyterian church for the most part still looks like this. And the field at the bottom of the photo... more »
37-HOC-5 (Oconee, 1985)
A wider look of photo #3 from this roll. See comments on #3
37-HOC-3 (Oconee, 1985)
Holly’s General Store in Fair Play. Sadly this little country store has shut down and is for sale. I remember... more »
34-HOC-28 (Oconee, 1985)
Another look at the store from photo #26 of this roll

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