Photo 6-WCK-36


This is my house now. Built in 1901 by my great great grandfather.

The garage is still there but in better shape. Smokehouse and outhouse have been torn down. A pond has been built behind the tall trees in back where the clear spot is. Fir tree in the bottom middle is a lot bigger. Big pine trees exist between the fir tree and the garage. The huge oak in the center was brought down by an ice storm this winter.

Existing sidewalks torn up and new ones poured. The sidewalk in the back went to a general store that was torn down in the late 70’s

Hi Matt,
Do you have a memory from the property you would like to share. Also this is unmapped film, so we don't know the exact location. Could you tell us the address or map it on our map to the right of the comment section.

Address is 841 Byrd Rd. Humboldt, TN.

Right at the intersection of Mason Grove Rd and Byrd Rd.

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