Photo 5-DRH-16


That was ours and by ours, I mean, my parents, Harriet and Garry White. My parents bought it in 1987 and we moved from Long Island, NY to Dayton, TN. This picture looks to be not long after we moved here and opened that tiny store. It was a staple in the area for many years until my parents got divorced in 1995 and sold it. It was never the same after that. I love this picture. Brings back some great memories. There is so much more I could talk about but I would love to hear other peoples memories of The Store.

OH my gosh! I remember that little store was located close to where I lived as a kid. That trailer behind that little store belonged to my friend, Heidi's parents, and was the location of my first ever "party" with friends from school. We jumped rope, chewed dr pepper flavored gum and had a blast! It was the first time my parents let me go anywhere to hang out with my girl friends from school. My dad used to stop by that little store on the way to go fishing, and get snacks for the boat. Good times!

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Do you have a connection to this photograph? Maybe you grew up here or know someone who did? What has changed in the 34 years since this photo was taken? Tell us!