Photo 58-JWI-6


Sandra and Alan Merrill’s farm located on North Hill in Ludlow, Vt.

Hi Eben,
Do you know if the property looks the same today? What was kept in the big barn?

Alexis: the big barn and the shed to the left are still there, as is a more modern equipment shed next to the house. The little building and the house at the bottom of the photo are gone. There was a sugarhouse across the road as well. Holstein milk cows were there, with a big overhead hayloft. The high drive is out back, to get to the loft floor. A hay elevator was used out back to put up the hay bales. The small building to the left once had pigs, but was also storage. The milkhouse is on the left end of the barn. On the right end was where the gutter cleaner emptied into either a dump truck or manure spreader.

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