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This is the old DeJARNETTE farm in Halifax county Virginia. My wife is the 5th generation owner. The main house was built in 1911 the year her father was born.

Hi Jeff, thank you for sharing the fascinating history of the DeJARNETTE farm! It's incredible that your wife is the 5th generation owner and that the main house was built in the same year her father was born. We'd love to hear more about the farm and its significance in Halifax County. Can you tell us about the type of farming that has been done on the property? Additionally, we'd be interested in learning about any changes or memories you have since the photo was taken in 1992.

Hi, this is Virginia DeJARNETTE Jennings. The farm in the picture is the farm that I moved to when I was 14 years old and is my father‘s homeplace I am fifth generation. My father, Louis Coleman DeJARNETTE , Sr. was born in the big main house which was built the year he was born 1911. There is a small four room cabin that is sitting back behind the main house out in the field. That cabin once sat where the big house was built and it was jacked up and had poles put up under it, and dragged out to the field by a team of mules. My father had an older brother born in that cabin. And then after him, he had six siblings born in the main house for a total of eight children. The house has three staircases. The 4 boys room was large and on the backside of the house with a separate staircase. The 4 girls had two large rooms on the front side of the house that you reached by the main steps in the foyer, and then there was a second set of stairs off of the girls room that lead to the kitchen so that the girls could come down and help their mother fix breakfast in the morning. You could not get from the boys room to the girls rooms without coming down the stairs and coming around past their mom and dad‘s room. This. was designed because back in the day they would have friends who would walk to visit overnight and this was to ensure that the boys and the girls did not mingle after mom and dad went to bed. The farm was originally a tobacco and grain farm. And then cattle was added in the late 60s early 70s. My grandfather lived there until his death in 1967. My father bought out his siblings and he continued to farm and then we eventually moved into the house in December 1969. The farm is still used for cattle farming and my husband and I have also raise corn, soy beans, and wheat on the place.

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