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We have 155 rolls of film from Braxton County. That's about 5,580 photos. 99% of our collection is searchable in this county. If you don't find what you're looking for, try browsing our entire archive.

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004 mbr 21
4-MBR-21 (1985)
I grew up here
036 mbr 35
36-MBR-35 (1985)
Elk Valley Dodge, owned by the Nettles Family. My mother bought several cars here.
036 mbr 13
36-MBR-13 (1985)
Western Sizzlin Steak House. I went to school with a kid whose mom worked here. The food was great! This is... more »
021 mbr 01
21-MBR-1 (1985)
Husbands Grandparents lived here
020 mbr 31
20-MBR-31 (1985)
Tree’s have been cleared and two barns built.
001 mbr 20
1-MBR-20 (1985)
The house with the two-story front porch (302 Elk Street) was my grandmother Pauline Mowery's home in the... more »
095 mbr 21
95-MBR-21 (1985)
Modular home on the right side of the picture. Hefner farm Flatwoods,WV
081 mbr 04
81-MBR-4 (1985)
Earl Mackey's house at the top of the curve.