I'm not sure if I'm correct but it looks like it west Hamlin and if you turn right it takes you to salt rock!

I think is in Ranger, if you go toward the left, then you will pass Ranger PO and Ranger Elementary.

Yes. This is definitely in ranger. Straight across Ranger Bridge.

Definitely Ranger!

Old ranger Post Office.

This is definitely the previous Ranger Post Office. My mom Carol Ann Webb worked there for years. In the spring she would tend to the giant cross of Easter Flowers there on the bank.

Yep, Ranger post office...25667 if I remember correctly...wish I had a nickel for every time I passed by that place.

Yes, it's the old Ranger Post Office. I live in Ranger and I'm the Postmaster at Salt Rock. Just in case you want to know the correct zip code for Ranger is 25557. You were close Tim. I wish I had a nickle too for every time I passed by there. Lol.

The old Ranger Post Office.

The old Ranger Post Office.

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