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  • Looks like the barns are either gone or heavily modified, now the home of Randy's Professional Muffler and Signature Signs.
  • Amazing! This entire farm is gone. It's a bare field, only the town hall is in the background. Wow, I never knew this existed. You can even see
  • Looking at the most recent overhead view, it appears that the original house is gone, but the barn has since been converted into a house and has been added on to.
  • Building says "Auto Sales and Service" above and to the left of the open overhead door. The house on the right is gone now and has since been replaced with a larger building that is the home of "Burlington Glass".
  • ). The garage behind the shed was torn down about 5 years ago (not sure of exact date?)and the building behind the town hall is gone. I never knew there was a farm in the back! That's funny to imagine cows in that area today.
  • on the left, corn crib, and barn on the right are still there. All other barns are gone and our house was behind where the tree to the right of the driveway is.
  • The original barn is gone, but the silos are still there and a home has been built in place of the barn, incorporating both silos. It is the home
  • , and the trailer, are now long gone. The new owners have added on to the house, including a very nice porch. The trees planted in the upper left (behind
  • I lived there for 20 years the barn and all the buildings there are gone we took the barn down to build a new house just about where the barn is just

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