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This was my grandfather and grandmother's house, Matt and Hilda Boden. My mother grew up in that house. It is located on Hwy. NN and Hillside Road. Many years ago it use to be the Jacob Joss Cheese Factory (prior to it being a single home). When my mother, Arleen Boden married my father, Roy Butz, they built the house which is right next to this house and that is where I grew up. My brother still lives in our family house next door. My grandfather, Matt Boden died in 1966 but my grandmother, Hilda continued to live in that house for many years. When she could no longer live alone she sold the house to the McClay's (Jeff/Todd) of Big Cedar Lake. They rented the house out for quite a few years. As far as I know now, no one is currently living in the house but it is being refurbished. The front porch that you see in this photo was torn off the house when it was purchased by the McClay's. Currently when you drive past the house you care barely see it as the owners have left all the vegetation grow up around it. Hopefully when the renovations are complete both the inside and outside will look lovely as it once did when my grandparents/mom were living there. It sure was a neat house back in the day!

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