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Photo 23-IWO-14


I grew up on this farm. My brother now farms this farm passed on from my father. They had a house fire a few years ago, but still kept the original brick house there. Just had to take off the roof off and add a new upstairs and new roof and enclosed the front porch. Now he added a new pole she'd and added onto the silo.

My brother Dennis now farms the family farm with his wife Debra and son-in-law Cody and daughter Ashley.

I was born on this farm and lived there until I was about 4 years old. My Dad (William Meis) bought this farm and moved here from Nebraska in 1955. We only lived there about 5 years though as Dad got tangled up with a bull and wasn't in good enough shape to continue farming so moved to Pittsville then. I know he planted a bunch of fruit trees north of the house but otherwise I was too small to remember much about it.

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