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    My mother said prior to this farm being owned by the Delahuntys, it was owned by Mim Anderson who ran a taxi business in downtown Sharon, PA.
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    N. Neshannock Road. The house is still there on Neshannock. The big white building behind it is the former Swirl Inn. That building was razed and now a Dollar General store in on that lot on the NW corner of the intersection (N. Neshannock and Rt 62 a.k.a E. State St.) March 2018
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    Rt 18 and Rt 208, New Wilmington, looking west on Rt 208. iirc, that gas station has a little water wheel in its "fountain" along Rt 18, beside the truck in this photo.
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    Skate Mor roller rink. Now The Cheese Factory store, new Wilmington, PA
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    This is where the cheese plant is today.
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    Looks like it was a dance hall / roller rink? I'm not sure where it was. Might be on rt 208 west of 18, where the auction barn is now. This pin could be wrong.
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    Sorry, pinned the wrong photo. Location I pinned is incorrect.
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    Seen from the back side in
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    The A-frame building in the foreground, that appears to have a horse riding ring, is seen from the front side in this photo: It's across Rt 224 from the BCC's Lawrence Crossing campus. There's a landscaping business or similar on that corner now. A well drilling business is where the drive-in theater was. The building with the round top is still there and being used by an electrical supply business.
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    Burned in 2007, I believe. It was not rebuilt.