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23-HMU-6 (1974)
In the late 70's, this was the home of John Bull. Not sure when, but since this picture was taken the barn... more »
31-RNE-27 (1989)
Ron Butler Motor Sales
31-RNE-26 (1989)
Colin Grabill's farm.
50-HKA-11 (1974)
Ports of Call convenience store on Red Arrow Highway just east of CR-652
39-HKA-7 (1974)
West U Avenue and 12th Street, Schoolcraft.
91-UNW-32 (1983)
Long time home of Grant Public School employee, Ron Passage.
11-CNE-17 (1972)
Dale Branyan's Citgo station in the foreground.
11-CNE-9 (1972)
Bob's IGA in the foreground. Zephyr gas station to the left of Wayne's. Fire station at top of picture... more »
11-CNE-7 (1972)
There is still a barber shop in the front of the motel, facing the highway. For years it was Baldy's Barber... more »
7-INE-32 (1975)
Family home of Ted Kolhede. M-37 between 128th St and 136th St.
7-INE-4 (1975)
Nelson family farm. Moore Road just east of M37.
7-INE-5 (1975)
Fish family farm. M-37 just north of 22 Mile Road
7-INE-30 (1975)
1975 home of Arnold Fields and family.
50-HKA-8 (1974)
Building adjacent to the Cask & Keg. Red Arrow Highway just west of 24th St.
50-HKA-2 (1974)
On Red Arrow Highway, just east of 23rd St.
50-HKA-3 (1974)
On Red Arrow Highway, just west of 23rd St.
50-HKA-4 (1974)
On Red Arrow Highway, just east of 24th St.
78-AKE-14 (1980)
Corner of 10 Mile Road and Fruit Ridge. In 2020 this business is Peach Ridge Orchard Supply Inc.
78-AKE-11 (1980)
Fruit Ridge Avenue north of 10 Mile road. In 2020 it is known as River Ridge Produce Marketing
144-WKA-8 (1984)
The Marathon station is now a Citgo convenience store. Texas Corners Hardware is now Dave's Glass Service... more »
144-WKA-8 (1984)
Texas Corners. Looking south at the intersection of 8th St and Q Ave.
107-AVA-18 (1980)
Virg's Barber Shop on the right. The left hand portion of this building is gone.
90-ZKA-11 (1981)
Douglas at Mosel.
25-FVA-22 (1973)
Almena United Methodist Church before the expansion.
70-OMU-24 (1982)
This home was built around 1970 by my aunt and uncle, Winfield and Lois Burkett. It replaced their log cabin... more »
16-RNE-20 (1989)
Chinook Campground in Bridgeton MI.
136-WKA-17 (1984)
Tudor home on Stadium Dr., just East of 8th St.
136-WKA-20 (1984)
Stadium Drive just West of 9th St. Now LaRue's Family Restaurant. Lower left is Hite House furniture... more »
87-UNW-23 (1983)
Grant Wesleyan Church