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    I think this IS Wasson's Grove. There is a pet groomer there, now, at 333 Gray Rd, Falmouth, ME. If you compare this picture to the Google satellite view, the driveway, setback, and lot shape are similar. If you look at street view, you see an angled bump-out at the right side of the current building. They added a second story to the building in the 80s. I too remember playing among the pines on that wonderful playground when I was little (late 70s), and I remember it closing, and I lived close enough in Portland that we drove by at least every couple of weeks, so I was reminded of it.
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    596 River Rd South Gardiner.
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    They absorbed the property next door at some point between when this picture was taken and when they closed in 2005 - the building is 1/3 wider, and that house is gone.
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    Sadly, the beautiful Victorian at 37 Riverview Dr in South Gardiner, at the center of this picture, burned 1/6/2016 - a total loss.
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