55 Lifetime Points Joined 2020


23-WLO-25 (1983)
Last year for the swine business. Barn on the right is long gone now. The area where the grain truck is sitting... more »
11-MLO-24 (1980)
Dad's farrowing house left of the corn crib was pretty modern! Look at the size of that garden to the right... more »
16-ELO-7 (1977)
Great seeing Dad's old MM G1000 tractor in the pasture. Lots of great memories there.
43-LLO-10 (1973)
I loved growing up on this farm. The large area of yard to the left of the house was my brothers baseball field... more »
15-FLO-5 (1966)
My folks moved into this farm in 1957 and still live there 63 years later. All 6 of us kids have wonderful memories... more »