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15-JWI-10 (1968)
Post Office, Bethel
7-LLNF-24 (1987)
Tisdale House, corner of Hartford and Walpole St, Dover. Owned by Schaffner family from 1893 until 1948.
7-LLNF-20 (1987)
41 Hartford St, Dover
6-ASA-7 (1964)
Middle Rd, Woolwich
7-ASA-1 (1964)
Middle Rd near Woolwich/Dresden town line.
6-ASA-25 (1964)
Middle Rd at Hedge Bridge Rd, Woolwich
6-ASA-24 (1964)
Middle Rd, Woolwich
6-ASA-6 (1964)
Middle Rd, Woolwich
6-ASA-5 (1964)
Middle Rd, Woolwich
6-ASA-14 (1964)
Dana Mill Rd, Woolwich
6-ASA-17 (1964)
Dana Mill Rd, Woolwich
6-ASA-22 (1964)
879 Middle Rd, Woolwich
6-ASA-21 (1964)
Intersection of Old Stage Rd and Middle Rd, Woolwich.
7-ASA-22 (1964)
This is at the intersection of Middle Rd and Indian Rd in Dresden. THe white building is gone.
7-ASA-24 (1964)
River Rd, Dresden
7-ASA-26 (1964)
River Rd, Dresden
7-ASA-27 (1964)
River Rd, Dresden. Just south of Eastern River bridge.
7-ASA-28 (1964)
River Rd, Dresden. North of Eastern River bridge.
7-ASA-29 (1964)
Goranson Farm, Dresden
7-ASA-33 (1964)
River Rd, Dresden. Behind current Dresden Town Hall. House is gone.
7-ASA-32 (1964)
River Rd, Dresden
7-ASA-34 (1964)
Rt 128 and Rd 197 intersection, Dresden
7-ASA-35 (1964)
River Rd, Dresden
8-ASA-1 (1964)
Reed Rock Rd, Dresden
8-ASA-37 (1964)
River Rd, Woolwich
8-ASA-36 (1964)
River Rd, Woolwich
8-ASA-32 (1964)
Temple Rd, Woolwich. Same as 25 and 33.
8-ASA-33 (1964)
Temple Rd, Woolwich. Same as 25 and 32.
8-ASA-34 (1964)
River Rd, Woolwich
8-ASA-35 (1964)
River Rd, Woolwich