375 Lifetime Points Joined 2021


27-AFR-6 (1993)
Senate Grove Chruch.
26-AFR-14 (1993)
Now Tony Kuenzel’s Farm, was a Rohlfing’s Farm.
26-AFR-9 (1993)
Now Sandbrink’s Farm. Home no longer standing.
26-AFR-8 (1993)
Now Sandbrink’s Farm
26-AFR-3 (1993)
Dara Elbert’s Home
26-AFR-2 (1993)
Robert Benny’s Place, now Morgan’s House and Schneider’s Farm
25-AFR-14 (1993)
Rosie Branson’s Home
52-TGA-3 (1987)
Hermann Ford.
52-TGA-2 (1987)
Hermann Ford Body Shop and Car Wash.
51-TGA-8 (1987)
Mike Whalen’s Place
64-SFR-34 (1998)
Michael Maczuk’s Home
64-SFR-29 (1998)
Backes and Toelke’s
64-SFR-27 (1998)
Backes and Toelke’s
64-SFR-25 (1998)
Bockting’s Home
64-SFR-21 (1998)
This is now Sandy’s Lake
16-ZFR-12 (1985)
Michael Maczuk’s Home
16-ZFR-9 (1985)
Backes and Toelke’s
16-ZFR-8 (1985)
Backes and Toelke’s
16-ZFR-7 (1985)
Backes and Toelke’s
16-ZFR-6 (1985)
Backes and Toelke’s
15-ZFR-24 (1985)
This is now Sandy’s Lake.
15-ZFR-18 (1985)
Mildred Rohlfing’s Place
15-ZFR-8 (1985)
Vernon Laboube’s Place
15-ZFR-6 (1985)
Berger Legion Hall, Schneider Auctioneers’ Place, and now William Elbert’s Place
14-ZFR-25 (1985)
Ryhan Pehle’s Place.
14-ZFR-22 (1985)
Mark Smith’s Place.
14-ZFR-20 (1985)
Glen Kohlbusch’s Home.
14-ZFR-19 (1985)
Glen Kohlbusch’s Home.
13-ZFR-30 (1985)
Vernon Klophaus’s Place.
13-ZFR-22 (1985)
Senate Grove Church and Cemetery.