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I think this is the old Velisco Plant in Marshall Illinois

If that is the old Velsicol Chemical plant north of Marshall a lot has changed!! Its not there anymore thanks to the EPA!! tHE WHOLE PLACE IS GONE AND THE PONDS WERE CAPPED...And the town no longer has that nasty stench in the air!

Velsicol Plant in Marshall, Illinois. Plant was closed by EPA and land is now empty.

Clark County Historical Society has several neat artifacts from Velsicol including a mortar and pestle from the lab and a uniform worn by a member of the Velsicol baseball team.

Some records of Velsicol are held at Marshall Public Library.

My grandfather, Hobart Nelson, worked there for many years after coming home from WW2. He eventually retired, but was a fast friend with a gentleman by the name of Charlie that was horribly burned in a chemical fire at the plant. In Marshall, if you didn’t work there you were working for a business that supported the plant.

The reclamation site near the railroad and State Route 1 serves as a soccer field now.

My dad worked there as an electrician.

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