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Sixty years ago, our family (of six) lived in the east end of that long, low building while we built a new house in the Highland Lake community in 1955-6. That building was originally a Chicken Coop. The two story building on the corner housed Eckhoff's Gas Company. During those years of the 40s-50s, Eckhoff sold bottled gas, appliances and delivered gas to homes and businesses in northern Lake County. My father, Lorny Leafblad built that 2-story structure in 1942. The restaurant on the upper left of the picture housed Bob's Bend Drive-In...the 50s-style restaurant with car-hops and rock 'n roll music that I listened to from my bedroom window. I mowed all the lawns on the property, opened a Beany (hat) stand and sold gas bottles to campers for Eckhoff after hours!

awesome I remember the intersection well ... I had friends right down the road . John Wallace. .....The Iron Pot my parents owned down from there Bar & Grill.... wow long time .....Great Memories :)

Looking north east at Rt83 and Washington.
Moving in the area in the mid '80s I remember the old buildings too.

Question, when did Bobs Bend change to Triangle Restaurant?
That one two story A frame between the bank and Triangle is the only remaining building right? Cant see it in this picture, the tres right above the Eckhoff building are too thick.

Here is the same corner in 1965 when the Cue Club was there.

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