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Now an antique mall at Volo Auto Museum.

OLd Pete Wagner Farm before it became Volo Auto Museum

Peter Wagner (1834-1914) and his family lived on this property from 1867 to 1896. He was born in Germany and immigrated to Johnsburg, IL in 1841 with his parents. In 1856, he married Barbara Jacobs (1833-1906) in Johnsburg before moving to Chippewa Falls, WI for about 7 years. He moved back to Illinois in 1867 living on the Volo farm until 1896 when he held an auction sale before moving to McHenry where he lived until his death in 1914. There were various tenants after Peter and his family left in 1896.

In 1964, William and Gertrude (Schellenberg) Grams purchased the farm property with the buildings and started the Volo Discount Barn. The Grams originated from Chicago and owned a restaurant and cocktail lounge in Fox Lake (1942-1949) and then owned Grams Custom Lamp & Shade Studio in Fox Lake (1949-1964). The Volo business was known under various names: Volo Discount Barn, Volo Auction Barn, Volo Auction and Resale Barn, Volo Sales Barn and the Volo Furniture Showrooms. Their sons, William Grams (1942-2020) and Gregory Grams began the Volo Antique Auto Museum in 1974.

To the left is the historic Volo Cemetery which is located next to the Alfred Regner farm on N. Fox Lake Rd.

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