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016 fva 30

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This is AmeriQual at 18200 Hwy 41 North Evansville IN. I can locate it on the map, but can't find the "marker" to click and drag. Another picture on this roll is of the truck stop north of AmeriQual. I think the farms on this roll are in northern Vanderburgh County in the area of these two businesses. Where do you get your pictures from? In the mid 1980's I worked for an aerial photography company based in Evansville IN - Hixlin Photography. Wonder if you have any of their photos?

I too am looking to locate photo material made by Hixlin Photography during 1960 - 1970's over Fowler Indiana farmland. I do have a picture of such but without a date
to confirm of when it was taken. Can you be of help?

I don't think the Hixlin Photography I worked for was in business before 1980. If your pic is the group I worked for, it would likely have been taken between 1985 - 1995.
Is your photo an 8x10 or 11x14 in a wooden frame, no glass?

According to our records this photo was taken in 1989, and from the look of the trees most likely in the spring. I have verified the correct location for this photo. Thanks everyone for the information.

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