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H. H. Dunwiddie 1907. The round barn was built in 1907. The smaller buildings were built in 1905. The chicken coupe to the south of the house was built July 5, 1905. My husband and I have been living here for almost 3 years now. We've talked to the family who grew up here and watched the round barn being built. I wish we could save the round barn but it's so far gone now that trying to fix it might end up someone getting very hurt or die. I would love to know more about this property and pictures of it. So if anyone knows of it and any history of it please leave a comment.

Just saw sad condition of barn. Have 2012 photo from road of barn. Can forward photo. Roof caved in now. I painted a landscape impasto version of barn.BB

I am Henry Dunwiddie's granddaughter and spent lots of time visiting this farm and barn when they lived here during my childhood. Good memories and so sorry it can't be saved but we all know it's just not feasible. Thanks to the current owners for letting Henry's family visit the barn last fall. I have a picture of the barn during construction that includes people that no one in our family can identify for certain.

I am Henry Dunwiddie's grandson and lived there for about 4 years,from 1983 to 1987. I have an aerial view from that time.I remember when we went into the barn while grandpa was still milking cows that the radio would come on to wowo for the cows. My mother tells that while grandpa was making repairs on the roof had lost hold and slid down the roof,but caught the gutter and was able to get down on the milk truck that had just pulled in.

I purchased the property in 1987 and lived there until September of 2011.. I still have original abstract of title when it was purchased from the government in 1839 and changes of ownership up until myself plus many photographs including an aerial before I remodeled it any early 2000s.

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