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Great Picture. This is my family's home farm. It has been in our family for over 160 years. I grew up on this farm. Out of the seven buildings in the barn yard there are only three left. The house closest to us in the picture is the home my father was born in and still lives there to this day. The house behind it is a log cabin built in 1853 by two trappers by the name of Tuttle. It is now on the National Historic Registry of Homes. This picture looks to be from the mid 70's. Great memories and many more to come with my family.

The farm on which my mom and her family lived. Many happy times and you could not hear a bit of noise except the birds, occasional cow mooing. The house in the center far left of picture-my gram build a wrap around screened in porch that was great for sleeping in the summer. The house (cabin) behind and more towards the center-the most wonderful house in the world. It was a log cabin modified and added onto by my mother's father and was low ceilinged. There was a kitchen added along the north(?) side and had a dinette bumped out partially into trees and made bird watching easy. A wonderful root cellar was below the house and always smelled of dill. Still magical to this day.

Hello Merrill,
Thank you for all the information about the history of this photo. Can you tell me where this property is located? I want to pin its location.

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