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This is Bowen First Church of Christ. This is the church I attended with my family while I was growing up. Some of the pastors included Elwood Kalar, Jimmy Foster,Calvin Lindell, and others. The attendance at this church in the 1960s and 70s was 70-90. My grandfather, Leonard Morton, was the song leader. We had no instrumental music. My grandfather sang by reading the shaped notes. He and my grandmother lived across the road. They turned on the heat in the winter and did other types of work at the church. My grandmother always invited visiting preachers to her house for Sunday dinner. We had great revivals here. Some of the speakers I remember are Paul Stamper, Dale Offutt, Howard Sawyer, and others. My husband and I were married at this church in 1985. I have a lot of happy memories going to church here.

Your grandfather was my great uncle, by marriage. Iva Reed Morton was the sister of my grandmother Maude Reed Miller, eventually of Bethany Ohio. Do you by any chance have a photograph of Leonard's general store in Bowen?


We may have a photo of it, do you know the current address for the location of the general store?

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