Photo 8-MAR-28


263 wotton rd maine. My grandparents farm.

Originally the old miller farm

My dads family farm

My Family (George DeWitt) moved here in 1976. The only part of the old homestead that is still standing is the Milk house and we will be tearing down the old machine shed which had been converted into a barn when the old barn had fallen in in 1977. In 2004 my husband and I moved back to the farm and are in the process of building a new house in the field area in the forefront of this photo.

I remember the farm well! It was beautiful in my eyes!

This farm goes back to my great great grandparents - Christopher and Hannah Miller, then my great grandparents, Moses and Charlotte Miller, then my grand parents Christopher and Hattie Miller, then to my Uncle Moses Miller then to my cousin Merrill Miller. How's that for some Miller trivia

Thanks for the information. I was wondering how far it went back in the family. I have some memory of the farm but I was four when we moved away from it. I am Merrill Miller's grandson.

My wife Linda and I live on the last acre of this family farm. Linda is Merrill Millers oldest child. we live at 241 Wotton rd.

I remember this farm . My Uncle Meerrill and Aunt Alice lived here

I spent MANY hours here playing with Ruthie, Jimmy and Robbie. I loved my days with Aunt Alice and Uncle Merrill.

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