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010 oar 27

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Rt.1 in Blaine. House on left owned by Ralph Estabrook, now owned by Marla Raymond. House on right was owned by Guy & Fannie Terrill, now owned by Bob & Paula Ward.

is that my first car, 1962 amc rambler station wagon? blew the engine while skipping school to go to p.i. to see the vocational school.

The neighborhood!

What neighborhood was that ?

That was the first house I slept in when I came with my ex husband Ralph Estabrook from Germany! For me it was first time in the States also, the house belonged to his Parents than, the year was 1985...

Hey there everyone I could not tell who lived there by the photo. Are they in Blaine or Mars Hill ? By the way I picked up ACI year books for 1964 and 1966 found them on Ebay . I did Germany 25 clicks South of K-town a Mesau at a depot there was 30 clicks from the french Border .Did 9th ord co.

This is Blaine, Maine and the house was owned by my former Father-in-Law, Ralph Estabrook...

Ralph Estabrook had a daughter who taught English at ACI and other daughter Marla married a fellow who worked at McCain foods Easton Maine. knew both- pulled Marla out of snow bank when her Artic cat got bogged down .Was a supervisor at McCain foods and talked daily with the fellow who married Marla.

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