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I believe this to be Frank Robbins Garage on the Station Road in Easton. Frank was blind in one eye and had a trotter that was blind. They raced in the sulky races at the Fair. This pair made it into the Guinness Book.

Yes, this looks like the Robbins garage. The house to the left was where my grandparents lived, Katie & Warren Trask. Grampie was a "coopersmith" - made and repaired potato barrels. I have fond memories of staying at their place. Playing on the porch making "berry" ( from berry bushes that grew along the edge of the porch)pies and confections(mixed with sand from the driveway) and mixed in some jar covers from Grammie's jar stash in the garage. We also got to help Grampie when he made barrels; he would let us sit on the barrel and pound nails into the barrel hoops he had put around the barrel. We used to go to the garage and get penny candy. gosh! you could buy quite a lot for 5-10 cents; we also got to have a soda on occasion - Orange crush!

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