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Jeff sawyers

My Uncle Milton and Aunt Anne Underwood Dudley live here. There is a shaft in the ground where the US Government took samples of manganese to check if mining would be feasible. At the time the percentage was too low for mining. This area of Maine sits on the largest manganese deposit in the US.The two building to the right were most likely related to the exploration.

Anne was my Dad's sister. I spent many overnights on this farm at Castle Hill. I was never allowed to roam on grounds because of the mine. I do remember an artesian well . The two smaller buildings had a lot of minerals (
? mined) Uncle Milton was very knowledgeable about this.
We used to go to the farm in the summer. Uncle Milton always made a gingerbread cake for our visits. He smoked a corn cob pipe.
Juniper twig on the wood stove for a delightful fragrance. They also had a small electric stove.
They had one of the first televisions and it was a real treat to watch. I think it went off the air ( test pattern) very early in the evening.
They shared a party line for telephone. Everyone on the line had a different number of rings.
There were fragrant wild roses in the front yard.
You could see Mt Katahdin on a clear day at the crest of the hill ( just a lot away from their home)
They were a great Aunt and Uncle.

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