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At center of picture is the old Ernest Daigle residence in St David Maine. Known as Daigle Funeral Home. Mr. Daigle hand made all the cement blocks by hand to make this house. If you look up at he front on the home under the eave you will see the year it was built etched in the cement. Old home left of the Daigle residence is were my mother was born and raised. (Isabelle Cyr) The barn next to it is Armand Daigle's barn

My mother's house and where I grew up as a child is across the street.

Right side of the picture is theDesjardins home PHil and Carol Desjardins still live there. Our home is across the street.

My Grandfather, Ernest Daigle, raised ten children in the center house, under the word "Aerial". He than sold it to his eldest daughter, Anita Mueller, where she raised her seven children at the time this photo was taken. Only three bodies were shown there, because viewing was still mostly held in family homes. Daigle Funeral Home was built in the early 40's in Madawaska. My Uncle Romeo, took over the funeral home in the late 50's.

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