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This Valier Dumais' Homestead in Grand Isle.

My brother in-law Roland Chasse from Grand Ilse said, when he was a teenager Valier Dumais had asked him to take his old horse on the hill and kill it. So took the horse on the hill with 2 sticks of dynamite and put one stick in his mouth and one stick in you know what and lit them up. He said the horse was totally gone. True story. That came up after I had visited him in Connecticut one year and told him that I had worked for Valier as a potato truck driver one year. That was 1979, the year I was helping Mr. Dumais remove a wheel on his potato harvester. I had to hold a pin so Mr. Dumais could swing a sledge- hammer to hit the pin that i was holding with a big pair of plyers. It started fine but after a few hard hits the head on the hammer flew off the handle and slashed my eyebrow open. Blood ,blood, and more blood! He felt so bad. His wife rushed me to the Edmundston Hospital for stitches. I recovered, recovered, recovered oh oh O.K. Ha! Ha! What memories can a picture bring!

Hey, Dude don't you think that horse worked his ass off in his young years and that he would of deserve a respected
death. A gun shot would have been much better choice, don't you think?

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