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Photo 19-AWA-5


Swanville. rte 141. left side, coming from Belfast. less than a mile from Swanville Center. Barn at right gone

Judith Brazier says "This is just beyond the old Greeley School house heading into Swanville, same side of the road, just before Mrs. Clark's home. The big barn is gone now. The brick house and the "L" is still there but the little attached barn is also gone. Many of the old apple trees remain. I thought at one point it was called Ebenezers Old stuff but i may have that confused with another on the name. It was a Antiques shop for a while, that I am sure of."

Bill Baxter " Was Ebenezer's Old Stuff in the '70s, I think."

this is right before where my grandmother lives, it is pretty neat to see what it looks like from a ways back.

That was my home from 1968-1979. I lived there with my parents Margaret 'Peggy" and Eben Morrison. My parents had Ebenezer's Old Stuff.

As a child, I always got a kick out of the name of that antique shop whenever I'd see it on our way by in the car.

My parents, Sal and Irene Caravetto, owned the Greeley Schoolhouse, i believe from 1968 until my Dad passed in 1977.
We spent may summers swimming in Swan Lake and just having fun. I remember the Morrison's home and barn, our neighbors Dan and Diane in the A-frame home next door to us and the huge field across the street, playing softball, tag and soccer..fun times!

Hi Susan! Thank you for sharing your memories of the Greeley Schoolhouse and your neighbors. It sounds like you had a lot of fun growing up in the area! Can you tell me more about what it was like living in rural Maine during that time? Also, have you been back to the area since then? It would be interesting to hear what has changed since 1964. Thanks for commenting! -Alexis

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