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Photo 70-XCE-16


3864 Augustine Herman Hwy., Chesapeake City

Respectfully, this is not 3864 Augustine Herman Hwy. Please compare to other known photos.

Connie Shrewsbury.. respectfully, if you could provide the correct address it would be beneficial to all. Honest mistakes are made. Thanks in advance.

Hello Connie,
I can see why Al pinned that address a lot does match up. The driveway and the fence around the property. On Google Street View, it appears the house has been remodeled. Maybe that's why it does not match. It would be much appreciated if you have any details about the specific location.

I can definitely see the similarities. I do not know the correct address. Our family lived at 3864 for several years so I am familiar with the remnants of outbuildings and house footprint. There was no intention to be critical - just to clarify for future viewers. Thank you all for the work in identifying the locations.

The flight path for this roll is way off. I don't know the true address, but 954 Old Telegraph Rd., Warwick, is as close as you'll get. Some people don't want their address known.

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