Photo 83-CBA-18


This is my Grandfather's store. It was called Chuck's Bait Shop and to my knowledge, was one of the the first pit stop's to service the both the seasonal tourism and full time locals of the Gun Lake area. Over the years, it turned into a gas station and type of general store. He leased the building out to Shell for many years and now the building still stands and is for sale with the white house next door. Now there is a Marathon gas station with a Hungary Howies at the corner and a Stickmann's Bakery on the other side.

Yes, I can not see it in this picture but there was a little cottage behind the store that my father owned. Owen Bates. This sure brings back some memories. Chuck and Nancy were part of my life along with their children.

I grew up in the big brick house that is above Chuck's(my brother). My Mom & Dad had the house next to them. It burned to the ground in the blizzard of '75 (I think). My Sister Ruth had a beauty shop in it at the time. My husband Dick & I built a large pole barn behind & to the right later. Lots of memories here!

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