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We have 141 rolls of film from McDonald County. That's about 5,076 photos. 100% of our collection is searchable in this county. If you don't find what you're looking for, try browsing our entire archive.

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021 jmc 34
21-JMC-34 (1982)
Riverside Inn now River Ranch in North Noel on Hwy 59.
021 jmc 33
21-JMC-33 (1982)
Hudson Foods (Now Tyson's)Hwy 59, North Noel
021 jmc 20
21-JMC-20 (1982)
Arthur Murray's Hotel, Hwy 90.
021 jmc 19
21-JMC-19 (1982)
Hudson Foods (Now Tyson). The Palace Motel in the foreground. DD Highway in the back. I believe Jack Pew owned... more »
021 jmc 18
21-JMC-18 (1982)
L&T is now BJ's Mini Mart. The building on the right is no longer there, it was torn down after a heavy... more »
021 jmc 14
21-JMC-14 (1982)
This is the old Walker place on Hwy 56 north of Noel. There is a cave on the property.
021 jmc 13
21-JMC-13 (1982)
This is on Hwy 59 North of Noel. The barn with the sign on it isn't there anymore and only part of the other... more »
026 jmc 06
26-JMC-6 (1982)
all the trailers have been moved out, the siding and roof are all metal now