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This is my home and we are currently renovating it. I have been trying to reach the original family in hopes of obtaining some photos of it so this is a treat!

Owned this house from the late 1970's till early 2000's. I know a few stories about it but Joanna probably already knows them. Told to me by Currie Hair (May he RIP).

I think it was the old Alto B Rollins home (Original owner)

Do you know the current address for this photo? If so, I would be happy to update the location on the map!

The current address is 1968 NC Hwy 53 W, Elizabethtown

We are the third family in this old farmhouse built in 1934. My husband and I were married there, and have been completely renovating it recently. This is our forever home, and I am so thankful that Vintage Aerial had this photo of it! The frame was a much higher quality than I expected, and my order was received quickly!

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Do you have a connection to this photograph? Maybe you grew up here or know someone who did? What has changed in the 32 years since this photo was taken? Tell us!