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Wilma's Diner (left) Outer Limits (right)

i moved there in 1959,the building on the left was rex blaylocks store,the next flat top bulding was bult in the early 70 sas rougrmont restuarent later named speed way cafe.before it was built, there was anold rusty building that sat close to the road,i never knew what it was used for.the next building 3ed from left i was told was laws store, which had closed, andthere was a milenery shop there. later pooles buty salon,then lotty short had a store there.then a grocery store, then a beer joint called the outer liments.the adjesent building was chambers service stationand before that was built, wilkins store was on the corner.now there there is a new convienence store on the corner, a beauty salon in the blaylock building, and the cafe is closed and for several years there was moe's tavern in the blaylock building.

i never heard of wilmer's diner,velma jefferes ran the restuarent for many years.

Rex Blalick was my great uncle

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