Off of Capital Blvd (Then known as "Downtown Blvd" Near Bickett in Raleigh N.C.

Correction !! South Wilmington St Raleigh N.c

Correct. South Wilmington St. near where it today merges with South Saunders St. Building is still there, and used as a church.

The small building beside Colonial was Andrews Market at the corner of Ileagnes and Wilmington.

Thank you all for the inforamtion, using this I have geotagged the location of this building today. On the map to the right you can see where I have left the pin does this look correct?

Yes, Nathan Lewis, the pin in correctly on the then-Colonial Store. The "road" just north of and beside this building, is not a road, but just an unnamed and unmarked driveway which runs from South Wilmington St. to South Saunders St.

I remember Colonial Foods which would go onto become Big Star. We would also shop at Andrew's Open Air Market. We bought everything from fresh meat to candy and sodas to fishing bait there.

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