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This was built in the mid 1950's as the Greenville Township consolidated school to replace the one-room school houses in the township around Greenville. Around 1962, the Greenville Township Schools merged with Greenville City Schools and this building became Woodland Heights elementary which sat at the corner of OH-118 and Children's Home Bradford Rd. I went to school here from 1971-1978. It was torn down in November 2017.

This is about 1 mile north of Greenville Ohio.

I went there from1960 to1966

I went to school there from 1982-1987. We had a little more playground equipment at that time and some more trees out front. I know my class help plant a couple of trees while we were there. I miss field day in front of the school.

I also went there from 1960 to 1966 and I like this photo because I can see the large oak tree with the huge shadow out in the back lot behind the playground where me and my friends used to gather at recess to have our little "club" meetings. We called ourselves the Serendipity Club, a name that Stephanie Walters came up with. We would sing songs and bring little snacks for each other like lollipops and such. We thought we were so advanced to think of doing such an activity. We always picked up many acorns around the tree, too, and for some reason, we treasured those. A sweet childhood memory.

I went there from 56-59. 1956 was when the school opened. I had to Coletown, a one room school, for my first 3 grades. It was a big change going from one room and the rest rooms outside to this big school with rest rooms inside and hot water to wash your hands in.

This building has been replaced by the new Greenville City Schools K-8 building on Ohio St. as of January 2017. It was torn down in late November 2017.

I remember we were the first class when the school opened in September 1959, went there for three grades,then went to the junior high in September 1962,that is when they opened the new high school.

I went there from 1962 to 1964

I went to first and second grade at Woodland Heights (1996-1998)I remember the long wooden teeter totters! There would be kids on top of kids trying to see how many could fit,even on the metal part. The smell of turkey or chicken noodle soup filled the halls on cold wintery days. We had blacktop recess when it was too icy for the playground.

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