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I believe this was the County Home. I remember the fire.

Yes, it was known as the Darke County Infirmary. It burned. A new, more modern County Home was built and is still in existence in 2015.

I spent years here a as small child back in the 1960's. Some good memories but most sad ones.

Probably the most memorable building around Greenville aside from the county courthouse. So glad this picture was taken as both it and the Children's Home have long since been torn down.

My mom worked here as head cook. She was employed here when the fire happened. She did some private care at BRC until the home was rebuilt and she was able to go back to work.

Karen, my mom worked there as a cook as well starting sometime in the mid 1980's..

My mother and her sisters spent years here in the 40's after her dad was in a bad car wreck. He had 21 broken bones so he lost his job, was arrested for vagrancy, and the state took my mom and a bunch of my aunts and uncles to this place. Her dad died in that jail and it took years to get them back to my grandmother. My mom would talk of this place as a nightmare place, where they were horribly bused and she spoke of children's bodies in a well.

HerDaughter; are you mixing up the County Home in this photo (which was south of Greenville on US-127) with the Children's Home north of Greenville which also was on US-127 (before the bypass was built around town?)

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