Photo 35-AGE-30


There is a sign over the drive but it is very hard to make out. Perhaps, "Geauga Park".

Isn't this Oceana Park on Music Street?

This photo is of Oceana Park. We bought this property 25 years ago. It is amazing to see what it looked like when it was operational. We have uncovered some relics from the past which we have kept. Would love any additional photos or historic accounts from those who enjoyed the park.

My buddy and I snuck into there in the late 80s. He found some season passes and framed them. I remember going there as a kid.

I lived down the street from Oceana and my family helped in many ways to get the park operational. I have a brochure of the Park.

Do you still live in the area? Would be great to see the brochure?

Yes I do. Abd you?

The wave pool and what seemed like olympic size pools were awesome. There were swimming lessons held there. We enjoyed our season passes in the summertime.

I went there many times as a kid. It was fun and weird at the same time.

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