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This farm originally settled by John W. Hart, who was born in 1830 and died in 1896. Wife was Caroline. They have the largest tombstone in the LaPorte Cemetery on Butternut Ridge. He started the sandstone quarries in what is now the Indian Hollow Reservation of the Lorain County Metroparks. He employed many people and from his house, south to the railroad tracks (railroad line added around 1870) and another 2000 feet south was a company town called Hart’s Station. This little town was on the Lorain County maps. There was a passenger rail stop. Around 1880 he would sell the quarries south of the tracks to William E. Miller who renamed the Quarry Grafton Stone company and Hart’s Station was renamed The Miller Quarry Stop. The next station to the east was Grafton and the west station to the northwest was the O’Connor stop on Slife road. Mr. Hart would be one of the founders of a bank in Elyria. The first to take deposits from ordinary citizens. The earlier bank only took deposits from businesses. Mr Hart died in 1896. The house fell into disrepair. Most of the original home was torn down around 1910. It was then rebuilt reusing some of the original lumber. The interior doors, and bathroom match those in Sears care logs from 1908 thru 1925. Much more information is available about this farm and surrounding farms. The pictured farm is currently owned by Mr. & Mrs. Ritsko. The first American flag flown in this area was flown in July 4th 1849 from the top of a half dead huge oak tree which formerly grew in the north bound lane of Indian Hollow Road. Neighbors came from miles around to see the US Flag being flown. The property is currently very similar to the old photo.

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