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Research shows this is the Clevite/Gould sonar testing facility. On the east side of Jaquay Rd just north of Osborne Rd, Columbia Township.

That part of the quarry was actually an underwater, missile testing facility not a floating pump house.

Not quite missiles, it was for testing the sonar guidance systems for the Clevite/Gould Mk 48 mod 5 and 6 torpedoes.

So you want everyone to supply you with all the information so you can sell it for $99. Maybe you should hire someone to do the research, it isn't that difficult.

Well, first of all, tracking down a photo like this IS difficult. You need a lot of resources and time. This one was on my list for over a year until I managed to track it down. And VintageAerial makes them available for viewing to everyone. They do need to sell photos, they are a business after all.

This is one of three quarries.
The other two accross the street I used to scuba dive in the bug one and everyone used to swim in the other smaller one.
We found a blue pickup truck and a 300zx snd a baby in a gym bag in the big quarry.
The small quarry had fresh water jellyfish in it.
The Westinghouse quarry in the picture had a barbed wire topped fence and warning signs all over so we never messed with that one.
It was later sold to an HVAC Co called Halo and that's the last time I was out about ten years ago.
I will be taking my drone out very soon to take some pictures of the place.

Here is an article I wrote about the torpedo testing at this quarry:

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