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Photo 52-MPR-20


Pumps are gone its on 122 buck and his wife ran the store it's still open I lived down the road in Wilson farm house

I grew up on Greenbush Rd about a half mile from Thompson mkt. Pug and Geraldine ran the store. My grandma and grandpa lived across the street. Not many days went by that we weren't in the store for penny candy, pop, chips or bubble gum. Whatever you needed they had it in this little country store. I'm 53 years old now. Definitely a part of my life growing up in Beechwood!

I remember going to the Thompson mkt. as a kid and eating my Sandwich with chips :) my Grandparents (The Jones Family) lived there on Greenbush Road. But know I am living in Germany and every time I go visit Family we always go by to eat our Sandwich with Chips :) on our last trip in 2014 I Introduced the mkt. to my little Family here in Germany. Lots of good memories!!

Bobby Jones .....small world. I lived on Greenbush Road from my 3rd to 7th grade. I knew your mother's family. Your Aunt Eulia was married to my brother Denny. Your Grandparents Homer and Bonnie went to the church my dad pastored in Gratis. And of course your cousins Lisa and Jeff are my niece and nephew. I have so many memories with my best friend Toni stopping in Thompson's Market. There was also a little store opposite of Thompson's. Don't remember the name.

I could not remember Charlies not being there, lived on Greenbush alomost my entire life.

My husband and I just bought a house on greenbush last year (2015) and Thompson's was a huge help when I needed something but didn't have time to run to the grocery.. Unfortunately they closed down a month after we moved in sometime in October 2015.

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