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I taught here from 1981 to when we moved to the new school. It was a wonderful place. I have many fond memories from here

I taught here from 1981 until we moved to the new school. I have many fond memories from here.

I started my teaching career here in 1972.

I was in the last graduating class at Monroe, 1968. A lot of wonderful memories!!!

I was in the last 7th grade class before we moved to the combined new elementary and middle school attached to the high school. I remember lots of marching band practices outside and running the mile around the school for gym class.

Remember the cop from Eldorado patrolling the school and finding mayhem throughout the years going on.

Class of 1967. Loved this school and the memories!!!

This was my elementary school & then my middle school! I spent grades 1-3 here, went to New Paris for grade 4 & then back her for grades 7-8. Lots of great memories & friendships, too! I got my start in band here with Ms. Conrad!

I grew up directly across the street from Monroe School. We used the playground as our own all summer. Tons of fun and great memories !!

I started in 19880,on top floor. It was a good place to be, the inspectors never came up.

Does anyone remember Ms.Willman who taught Grammar 7th grade? Did she live in the area? Married etc. I have always remembered her voice stuck in my head till this day "Quit Talking" haahha

I went there my first four years of school, (57-61ish), as did my mom and her siblings.
I remember the great May Pole dances the high school did that we got to watch. Many good memories before we moved to Darke County

I always wanted to graduate from there, because my Dad did in 1930. I went there from kindergarten till 8th grade.On and off. We were bused to Jackson for a year. I lived and was raised in West Manchester. Many memories in that building.

I attended Monroe all 12 years. Great, great memories! Mrs. Ball, Mrs Burnett, Mr. Holsinger, Mr. McCreight, Mr. Stryker. Didn't learn a thingπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Monroe Township School.

Makes me sad when I drive by it now. It is in terrible shape.

I only went there for 3 1/2 years till they moved us to NT. I made many life long friends there and loved it. Monroe will always be in my heart and mind my High School. I drove by in '03 and couldn't believe how it had been let go. Then I heard about the fire.

I started 5th grade there and had sum amazing and bad times. it was memorable experience there..

This school was an extension of my own house since we lived just a little ways away! We had years of good memories there during school and after! The playground was ours and the ball diamond was our dad's favorite place to play with us kids. Mom was always available to bake cupcakes for class parties even if she didn't have any kids in the class.

Went there k-8 in the 70’s. It is owned currently by a Jewish Synagogue from Brooklyn, NY. As a Township trustee we have reached out to them to do something about the property, with no success so far. They pay their taxes on it. Probably just a tax right off for them. I wish there was more I could do as a trustee but our power and budget is limited. It gets to be tough sledding when you start treading on privately owned property.

Here is a photo of this building from 3 years earlier:

I attended 9 years as a student in this building and 1 year as a teacher. I have so many wonderful memories.

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