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Fremont Drive In E US 20 (E State St) Green Creek Twp Sandusky Co OH

I remember my parents taking us to this drive-in! My sister and I would wear our pj's because we always fell asleep by the second movie. Those are good memories. It's sad to see that it's gone now. Not many drive-ins exist anymore. I love this photo! Thanks for memories.

I worked there in my Senior year of high school, first as concession stand worker and then promoted to grill cook. I loved that job and my co-worker and I used to police the lot, pick up trash and fix broken speakers. In the winter we tended the box office as patrons would return the in-car heaters they used during the cold nights. I was so sorry to see this place go.

It was a great place for a family outing with 9 kids on $1 a carload night. Saw Midnight Cowboy here with girlfriends when it was X rated because of the bathroom scene which was later removed. Fun place!

Steamed windows, concession stand, more steamed windows.

Summer 1978 Grease!!!!

Nothing left of it today; Ron's Truck, Trailer and Auto repair now stands in it's place.

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