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My hometown! I went to elementary school there and my dad graduated in the late 30's from high school there.

My parents and I both went to school there. The larger building no longer exists was torn down a couple yrs ago to build new school.

I just drove through Bartlett the other day and it was still there.are you referring to the original high school building that was to the left?

One of my favorite places. I taught there for many years until it was closed! The footprint is similar to what it was like when the school closed minus the water tanks!

Mr. Gage, I just mentioned what a great teacher you were to my mother over the weekend. I hope you are doing well. Bartlett Elementary was a wonderful close knit school with many excellent teachers!

The school is still very much there. It's no longer a school. But everything is still there. I live in Bartlett and attended that school as well

I lived at Bartlett for from 1976- 1981 . I loved this school and the kids. One of my favorite places to work.

Originally Wesley Township School and most recently Bartlett Elementary school. Last year as a school was 2008.

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