Photo 22-BBE-14


Speicher Farm

This is the Speicher Farm owned by Robert Skinner. Clayton Speicher lived here when sold to the government. My Dad, Sam Speicher and his two brothers, Leroy and Clayton farmed this land along with the Skinner Farm. My parents lived on this farm from 1948 to 1958.

Great picture! Brings back memories! We used to buy eggs from Clayton and went there many times. When I was a small boy it was like an adventure, coming through Pleasant Valley, over by Fox Lake and the iron bridge. I also remember going into Skinner's house right near there, maybe when I was 10 or so. It's a shame Skinner's house was left to fall into disrepair.

Hello Ron and Brian,
Thank you for all the excellent information about this photo. Do you know what type of farm this was? Does the pin location on the map look correct?

I don't have anything other than memories as a 9 or 10 year old. I do remember the last time I was at Clayton's as he and my parents were talking about the lake coming. Somewhere on there's a picture of a foundation that is exposed when the lake is drained down for the winter. On another site I also saw pictures of the foundation of Skinner's house. It has been maybe since 1990 that I walked down the road to Skinner's and at that time it was still standing but starting to get bad. It was a nice place back in the day!

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