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  • All buildings are gone except house which was remodeled and replaced with new buildings
  • Many fewer trees now and the garden anchored by sweet corn is gone.
  • Farm house and original barn still there. Everything else is gone.
  • Bleile farm Bleile road barn gone today
  • I think this is in the area of what is now 300 Frystown Road. It has been quite a while, but I think most of those buildings may be gone now.
  • This was my childhood home. My parents built it in the early 1950s. The two large trees in the front of the house and the pine trees on the left are all gone now.
  • are no longer in place. The smallest building to the right of the barn is also gone.
  • I believe this is the intersection of 222 and 73 near maiden creek pa. In centeral berks co. Pa. This hotel is gone, replaced by a Top Star gas station. Tha is now closed to enlarge the intersection.
  • We bought this home in April of this year. So much has changed! There‚Äôs new roofing, another shed, a patio outback, the 3 trees in the front yard are gone.
  • 180 Witmer Rd. I grew up at this place from 1981 to 1995. My husband's brother now owns it. A large addition was built onto the back of the house in 1989. Small sheds are gone.

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